Technique to win at the English roulette

Technique to win at the English roulette

Here is a roulette technique that will allow you to play on full numbers with little capital. Indeed this technique of roulette allows you in its basic version to play a single number.

Principle of the roulette technique

The principle is simple, check the numbers in the grid below, as soon as 5 numbers are checked in a row, column or diagonal then you must play the last number in straight up.

9 15 23 25 26 13
16 33 2 3 36 21
17 8 31 30 5 20
18 32 7 6 29 19
27 1 34 35 4 10
24 22 14 12 11 28

We will therefore play the number with a bet of 1 during 36 rounds, if we win we close the game, if we lose we double for 18 moves, in case of loss you lose 72 pieces.

Variant of the roulette technique

You can play all the possible chances for the chosen number and stop playing when you are winning.

example with the 33, we’ll play:

The 33rd
The split bet 33-30
The street bet 31-33
The 29-33 corner
The line bet 31-36
The column bet 3
The dozens bet 3

Second variant of the roulette technique

You can continue to check the grid and play all the numbers captured. You will therefore have to adapt the bets accordingly, i.e. double as soon as you lose 36 chips.


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