Top live casino 2019

The best live casinos below that you can trust:

  • Roulette tables in a real casino with real players at the table!
  • Minimum bet less than 0.5€!
  • Easy and fast deposit!
  • Withdrawal in less than 7 days!
  • They pay the players!
# Casino Limit Live roulette live roulette with real dealer number of live roulette tables (game room and live casino) play /learn more
1 Print 0.2€ - 1000€ Yes more 40 Dublinbet
2 fatboss casino en ligne 0.2€ - 1000€ Yes  more 40 Fatboss
3 lucky 31 methode astuce roulette 0.2€ - 1000€ Yes  more 40 Lucky31
4 0.2€ - 1000€ Yes  more 40 Casino Extra
5 0.5€ - 500€ Yes 3 Cozyno
6 0.5€ - 500€ Yes  3 Magikslots

The Live casinos above are serious casinos that pay their players, if they are indicated here it is for their seriousness, their speed of payment and their support. If you are looking for a live casino for 2019 then you should be interested in these ones, in addition to being serious these Live casinos offer live roulette games and live BlackJack games.

Live Casino 2019 VS Casino

A Live Casino has the particularity of being live from a real casino, usually a camera is positioned above the game table and you have a graphical interface to bet on the numbers you want. A Live Casino also offers traditional and electronic casino games, usually on a Live Casino you will also have access to slot machines, video poker, electronic roulette and electronic blackjack.

A traditional casino without live is simply a casino that offers electronic casino games.

What is the advantage of live casinos in 2019

The advantage of live casinos is that it is impossible for the casino to cheat. Indeed you can find on the internet many videos showing that the ball moves by itself. In a Live casino this is not possible because there are real players at the table. The casino cannot frustrate these regular players and that would be a real scandal! That's why I always recommend playing live rather than on a auto or electronic roulette. The latter use a software that is programmed to bring a % of profit to the casino. To learn more about which roulette to choose, I wrote an article on how to choose your roulette table.

How to find the best Live Casino site in 2019?

Unfortunately, many players have already been victim of bad online casinos through fraudulent, dubious and dishonest actions. To find a live online casino site where players can have fun with confidence, they should see the ranking of the best live casino sites above. They can also visit the forums of virtual casino sites to get some explanations and opinions from the most experienced gamblers.

Players also have the opportunity to consult online gaming guides and reviews to find the best online casino sites. Indeed, the casino guide as its name suggests allows you to have all the information you need on the 2019 live casino sites. This guide provides players with a list of the best casinos most appreciated by players.

How to find the best Live Casino sites?

There are some very useful elements that make it possible to recognize the best live casino sites. First of all, there is a casino gambling license. The licensed casino is an integral part of the best Internet gambling sites. Indeed, this license allows it to take action in the interest of potential online casino players.

Then there is the number of games available online. A good live casino site is recognized by the diversity of casino games it offers to players. Indeed, players must have the opportunity to play dozens of live games and not just a single table.

In addition, you can recognize a real live casino site by the atmosphere provided by the different cameras. Indeed, online games should allow players to have fun and stay awake throughout the game with: sounds, colours, images and much more.

In addition, players have the opportunity to recognize a good live casino site by the ease of receiving or paying winnings in complete security. The best Live casinos must ensure that players have the opportunity to withdraw their winnings quickly.