Mirror roulette method – simple chances roulette method


The mirror method is very well known and popular because it works really well.

Principle of the Mirror method:

The principle is simple: just play the opposite of the last 10 balls that come out by applying a martingale in case of losses. You can play this method on colors, even/odd and low/high.

Example of the mirror method:

If the output colors are:

RBBRBRRBRR then the next moves will have to be:


A concrete example:

The last 10 colors: RNNRNRRNRR

Chosen color Result Bet Conclusion
B R 1€ -1€
R B 2€ -3€
R B 4€ -7€
B R 8€ -15€
R R 16€ +1€

Advice on the mirror method:

If you have sets of more than 2 balls do not play the method.


if RRRBBRBRBRRRR then do not play because there is at least 1 series of 3 reds.

You have a better chance of winning if there is an alternation.

Conclusion: The mirror method:

  • Use the last 10 output balls
  • Play the opposite of the last 10 balls that came out
  • If there is a series of more than two balls of the same type (color, even/ odd, low/high) do not use the method!

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