Roulette method on dozens and columns

Roulette method on dozens and columns

The dozens at the roulette allow you to play in many different ways. You can play on a dozen and if you win you make a profit of 2 chips, or play on 2 dozen and if you win you make a profit of one chip. In the second case, if you lose, you lose 2 chips.

Representation of the dozens at the roulette wheel

P12 represents the first dozen numbers 1 to 12

M12 represents the middle dozen, numbers 13 to 24

D12 represents the last dozen, numbers 25 to 36

The method on the dozens

The principle is to wait for a gap of at least 9 dozen that didn’t come out.Then two choices are available to you:

  • You play the dozen that didn’t come out
  • You play two dozen, including the one that didn’t come out.

In the first case you play the dozen that hasn’t come out, so you apply a martingale on the dozen that didn’t appear.

You can play with the following martingale which allows you to play as little as possible but also gives you a lower profit.

move n° Bets Profits
1 1 2
2 2 3
3 3 3
4 4 2
5 6 2
6 9 2
7 13 1
8 20 2

Or you can apply a classic martingale (Much riskier) by doubling your losses each time. You will earn much more too…

move n° bets profit
1 1 2
2 2 3
3 4 5
4 8 9
5 16 17
6 32 33
7 64 65
8 128 129

The second method allows you to play on two dozens at the same time, including the dozen not released.
You have about a 65% chance of winning. But you play twice as much, you reach the betting limit faster.

Move° Bets Profits
1 2 1
2 4 1
3 8 1
4 16 1
5 32 1
6 64 1
7 128 1
8 512 1

It is still very, very rare not to win after 11 moves, that would mean that:

  • a dozen hasn’t been out in 11 shots.
  • a second dozen hasn’t come out in at least four shots.

In a live casino it is really extremely rare that this happens.

Use the Roulette Software to easily see all the possibilities available to you.

Good to know: This method also works on columns.

Summary of the dozen method:

– Wait for a gap of at least 9 balls over a dozen (or column).

– Apply one of the two methods mentioned above using the appropriate martingale.

– Stop playing the methods after a profit.

Although this is not recommended, if you have a good capital (at least 500 euros) you can expect a difference of 6 or 7. At your own risk and peril. Read the recommendations on limits to manage your capital.

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