Best free roulette software

best roulette software

Beating online roulette with a software to win at roulette: this is the dream of many players, but if it were so easy and within the reach of the first player, there wouldn’t be many online casinos left today…

How to win at the casino with software to beat roulette?

There are many free roulette software that work, but you must be able to analyze their real profitability and lifespan to earn money on the Internet. Always keep in mind that the web is a shark’s world: if you are not one step ahead, you are probably the little sardine.

In this article I will share with you Denis’ experience as a regular reader of this blog, through a short interview that he gave me the pleasure to accept!

Interview with Denis

Subject: Roulette software scam

When and why did you start looking for a roulette software?

So, like many people I think, I thought that a small income to supplement my salary would be welcome. So I looked for good tips to make money on the Internet on Google. That was five years ago, though. I was only starting with the Internet and in retrospect, I find myself a little naive, but anyway! I visited the sites one by one and tested a little bit everything I was offered. Usually I lost my investment on the first day but I kept going because they were small amounts and I was convinced that the miracle solution was not far away. I quickly focused on the techniques for making money at roulette, because it is the game that potentially offers the best redistribution rate in online casino, so it is the one on which it is most likely to find a technique that works!

Tell us about your first experience with a roulette software

Ooh, that first roulette software I’ll remember it all my life! It really put me in a bad situation… It was a roulette software to download on my computer that bet on roulette for me. It just doubled the bets every time it lost, a simple sort of martingale of hawks, and quickly reached the casino limit and my entire salary disappeared in a second! To get rich, it started out pretty bad.

Today, how do you differentiate between a reliable roulette software and a bad roulette software?

Knowing that most of the things I have learned in this field, I have learned them on this website, I guess this question is a little test, right?

So to make it short, sites offering a roulette software that doesn’t work will publish countless testimonies and proofs of success, while we can’t post our own testimonies. In addition, the software will not be usable in demo mode, or just in the very short term. And above all, its creator will share it with us internet users out of pure generosity… Free roulette software exist, but its users must generally be used for something!

My opinion on the matter

Yes, there may be interesting free roulette software to consider, but you always have to ask yourself why is it free? For example on I offer you a free statistical software with the book Easy Roulette! Why, would you ask? Because it allows you to discover who I am and what I do. The software is a basic software that does not require much skill and it will not play for you. It is up to you to analyze the statistics to make the right decisions!

Some software can be sold for thousands of euros, but you should be careful because the bigger the scam, the more it is easy to get tricked! You really have to have a lot of confidence in the person to buy such a expensive software! Don’t forget that software will help you win, but the important thing is to know when to stop!


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