What are the rules of roulette?

What are the rules of roulette

Rules when you play the roulette

If you are looking for a way to play roulette and win big, before you get interested in the different methods of winning, you need to know the rules of this game of chance. There are two main types of roulette wheels, the French (or European) one which has only one square zero, and the American one, which has a square zero and double zero (00).

The basic rules when playing roulette

When you decide to play roulette by the number, you have different game options. Here are the rules always applied to the winnings after placing a chip:

  • The straight up bet: You decide to bet one or more chips on a single corner, you win 35 times the bet.
  • The split bet: You bet by placing your chip between two numbers, if either number comes out, you pocket 17 times the bet.
  • The street bet: With this bet you cover 3 numbers. If the ball stops on one of the three, you win 11 times your initial bet.
  • The corner bet: By placing your bet at the intersection of 4 numbers, you can potentially pocket 8 times the bet.
  • The line bet: Visually close to a transversal, this time you cover 6 consecutive numbers with a potential payout of 5 times the base bet.
  • The dozens bet: Since the game board is divided into 3 dozens (out of zero), you decide to cover one or more of these dozens in order to pocket twice your bet.

How to play roulette on a table with a croupier

For the above roulette rules, most real casinos will ask you to choose a color, i.e. chips without face value for a better comfort of play for you and the croupier because when betting on the number, the chips often overlap between all bets and it would be easy to confuse yours with those of your table mate. This rule will allow you in a real casino to play without fear that someone will inadvertently pick up your chips.

For other bets covering the carpet and representing simple odds, the roulette rules define that you can either play with your coloured chips or directly with chips with a face value. In any case, you double your bet if you win, and your bet is halved if the ball stops at zero.

  • Red or black represents the color of the squares on which the ball stops.
  • By playing High or Low, you cover squares 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 respectively
  • Even and Odd as their names indicate, define the parity or not of the drawn number.

Roulette rules: bets

When entering a table, the minimum and maximum bet is displayed on the table. The roulette rule requires that each bet on the table must be a multiple equal to or greater than the basic bet. For example, if the basic bet is 5 euros, you will not be able to play 9 euros, but 10, 15, 20 or more, but always in multiples of 5. A simple and easy rule that allows the croupier to quickly calculate each player’s winnings to pay them back before playng the ball again.

If you choose a color, by default the rules explain that the face value of each chip will be associated with the minimum bet. But you also have the option of asking the dealer to change this value by now associating a multiple of the base bet. For example, on a table with a basic bet of 5 euros, nothing prevents you when you ask for a color from asking the croupier for a value of 10. Now that you know the basic rules of roulette, find out how to win at roulette!


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