120 roulette method – Straight up method

120 roulette method

The 120 roulette method is a roulette method that is played with the straight up strategy and more particularly on “0”. It is terribly effective and is aimed at patient players because you don’t play every round but it really allows you to win at roulette in online casinos.


Principle of the 120 roulette method in video


Principle of the 120° roulette method

The principle of this roulette strategy is simple as soon as the first dozen (D1) method followed by the second dozen (D2) comes out and well we play the “0” three times in a row.
Hence the name given to the 120 roulette method:

1 for first dozen

2 for second dozen

0 for “0”

Nothing very complicated to understand but incredibly effective!

Example 120 roulette method

Number generated Dozen We play the 0 Result
15 D2  non
20 D2  non
25 D3  non
7 D1  non
13 D2  non
22 D2 Yes because 7-13 -1
1 D1 Yes because 7-13 -2
15 D2 Yes because 7-13 -3
0 0 Yes because 1-15 +33

This roulette method is great because we don’t need a big capital to play roulette, we play only one coin per turn when we have an attack. There is no risk of losing everything in less than 3 turns because we only play 1 number and all we have to do is apply a martingale and double if we lose more than 35 pieces.

This Roulette Method works on both European and French Roulette.

No need to focus on black color, red color or even odds, it will not help you here.

Real example of the 120 roulette method used in Dublinbet

Below are two examples to download in Excel format or Pdf of two permanence on dublinbet.
The attacks for the 120 method are highlighted in orange and the attacks are highlighted in green when 0 is touched.

First permanence: excel pdf

Game Bet Winning Result
1 15 36 21
2 15 36 21
3 14 36 22
4 6 36 30
Result 50 144 94

or about 94 pieces of profit.

for 1 euro = 94 euros profit
for 2 euros = 188 euros profit
for 5 euros = 470 euros of profit
for 10 euros = 940 euros of profit

The games don’t last long, there’s a time when you don’t play for a while because there are no opportunities to play, 94 profit coins is perfect.
Finally, you should know that the game lasted about 3 hours in live so as I said, you have to be patient but you can play other professional roulette methods at the same time.

Second permanence: excel pdf

Game bet winning result
 1  37  72  35

A difficult game that lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes live. But in the end we make a profit of 35 coins because we win when we double.

You should also know that I did not record the numbers before the beginning of this permanence and there were 2 opportunities to win in a row.

Tips complementary to the 120 roulette method

After many tests of this roulette method, I realized that there was another time when the 120 roulette method could be played.

Indeed in the first paragraph, I explain to you when it was necessary to start playing, so you have to wait for the release of a number of the first dozen, followed by a number of the second dozen to play 3 times on 0.

This roulette strategy works very well.

But, you can also play the 0 for 3 turns when a 0 came out when you were not playing it. This additional strategy allowed me to win more often by playing this roulette method on full numbers.

If you still have doubts about this method of roulette, test it live for free.

What are the results on your side?

If you want to know how to win at roulette then download my book “Easy Roulette” at the bottom of the page which gives you all the roulette tips and methods to win at roulette.

Try the live method for free on DublinBet.
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