Live roulette, do you have to use schemas to win at it?

Live roulette, do you have to use schemas to win at it

Winning at roulette with schemas?

What is a schema for the roulette?

A schema for the roulette can be played on simple odds (Black/Ruddy; Even/Odd; Low/High). It consists in defining a simple sequence of chances that is very unlikely to happen.

Let’s take a simple example on Black and Red

What is the probability that the roulette shows 4 red in a row then 3 black then 2 red then 1 black? Very unlikely.

Our schema is therefore 4R – 3B – 2R – 1B

On what chances should the schemas be used?

It is possible to play then on the dozens/columns but we will apply them mainly on the simple odds (Black/Ruddy; Even/Odd; High/Low).

When should I use the schemas at the roulette?

You can play it the first time, or wait for certain events. Personally I play the schemas when I meet a lot of differences in the last 10 moves! But nothing prevents you from playing right away!

Should the schemas be used live or in electronic?

I don’t recommend playing electronics because you need a lot of knowledge about casino software to be able to win. I advise you to play live on Dublinbet, CasinoExtra or Lucky31 which offer many live tables including one from 0.10 cents more you can register for free and play with virtual money live to test the methods!

Other schemas for the roulette

You can replace R/N with Even/Odd or Low/High4B 3R 2B 1R

  • 1N 2B 3B 4R
  • 2B 2R 2B 2R 2B
  • 3B 1R 3B 1R

How to play Roulette Schemas

To play the roulette schemas, you must apply a martingale following the scheme and stick to it (this is very important).

For the 4B 3R 3R 2B 1R scheme, you must bet 1 coin on the black, if you lose you must bet 2 coins on the black, if you lose you must bet 4 coins on the black… until you win or you reach your limit not to lose!

I advise you to play the schemes according to your money!

You have less than So you play with these chips
100 € 0.10 /0.20
200 € 0.20/0.30
500 € 0.50/1

Leave your opinion on the schemas in the comments below to improve this strategy.


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