Roulette methods on split bets

Roulette methods on split bets

Roulette method on split bets

Among all the roulette game methods, this one is a simple way to hit two numbers without having to bet 2 chips. When playing color, this method is frequently used by many players, let’s see how your way of playing can benefit from this strategy.

Playing roulette with the split method

Betting two numbers on a “split” means placing a chip between two squares. As mentioned in the roulette rules, this bet will make you win 17 times your bet. This split method therefore represents an interesting gain, since each winning chip is attached to only one other placed on the game mat.

Split bet method to win at roulette

Playing with this method will allow you to double your chances of winning for each chip. We have selected two methods of split bets for you, both working in real casino and online.

Roulette method on splits 1 : The black split

This method of play combines bets only on black squares. The roulette game mat contains certain squares whose colours follow each other on the columns. Here it is a question of exploiting these squares, and more particularly the black squares which are doubled 5 times against only 4 times for the red squares. This method encourages you to bet on each of these black double squares, each time with a split. With 5 chips, you cover 10 out of 37 squares, which is about 27.02% chance of winning.

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Where this roulette method is interesting, it is that the payout ratio is attractive, for every 5 chips bet you pocket 17 times the bet plus your chip remaining on the mat on the winning split bet. To take a more telling example, if your betting unit is €5, you bet €25 with the possibility of having a total of €90.

Roulette method on splits 2 : Split and croupier

This gambling strategy is applicable in real casinos, where we may sometimes notice that the croupier draws the same or nearby numbers several times in a row at close intervals. The goal with this roulette method is to follow the repetitions and bet on splits the neighbours and/or these numbers often generate. This method will help you take advantage of gambling in a real casino.

It is also possible to use this method on street bets or on line bets.


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