Roulette method on line bets

The goal of this new method to win at roulette is to play on 3 line bets in order to generate a maximum profit of 3 chips.

Sixain methode

Principle of the method on the line bets.

  • We're waiting for a number to come out.
  • We're betting on the line bet of the number that came out.
  • We bet on the 2 line bets of the neighbouring numbers at the exit number.
    • If you win in the first round, the net profit is = 3 chips
    • Otherwise we add a chip on each of the line bets played.
      • If you win in the second round then the profit is always 3 chips.
      • Otherwise we put an extra chip on each linebets
        • If you win, you don't make any profit but you don't lose any money (be careful not to double in the third part)
        • If we lose, we leave it at the casino and play a new game later. In the worst case you lose 18 chips but you can earn much more.

The 6 line bets are:

Line bet 1 : 1-2-3-4-5-6 = Line bet 1- 4

Line bet 2 : 7-8-9-10-11-12 = Line bet 7 - 10

Line bet 3 : 13-14-15-16-17-18 = Line bet 13 - 16

Line bet 4 : 19-20-21-22-23-24 = Line bet 19 - 22

Line bet 5 : 25-26-27-28-29-30 = Line bet 25 - 28

Line bet 6 : 31-32-33-34-35-36 = Line bet 34 - 36

Special cases of the line bets:

When 2 numbers belong to the same line bet then they are played in two different line bets when possible.

For example, on the 23rd to for neighbours on the 8th and 10th to include the 2 numbers and play 3 line bets we will play:

the line bet 19-22 for the 23
the line bet 4-7 for the 8
the line bet 10-13 for the 10

sixain particulie

So we always play our 3 line bets.

Cases when we do not use the method on line bets:

When the 4 leaves the neighbors are 19 and 21 they belong to the same street bet.

When the 7 leaves the neighbors are 28 and 29 they belong to the same street bet.

When the 21 comes out because the 2 and the 4 are in the same line bet and you can't play a line bet below the 1.

When the 26 and 32 come out because one of the neighbors is the 0 it should play the corner 0-1-2-3 of which potentially less chance to win.

Example of a game on the line bets:

The 25th has just come out so we play the line bet 25 - 30 then the two line bets corresponding to his neighbors is the line bet 1 - 4 (for the 2nd) and the line bet 13 - 16 (for the 17th)

sixain exemple 1

On the 10th, we add one chip on each previous line bet.

sixain exemple 2

On the 17th, we make a profit of 3 chips.

If we don't win, we add a coin (or double for the most reckless)

Second way to bet for the method on the line bets

After having a discussion with one of the members of the site and after doing tests it turned out that it was much more profitable to wait for a gap of 1 or 2 before betting.

This saves chips, allows you to play more carefully and has a greater chance of generating a profit.

Try the method for free.

What do the tests say on your side?

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