Numerological roulette method

Today I share with you a method discovered in my father's attic, it is a method that I personally did not test but that may perhaps interest some of you.

The first part of the roulette method is to reduce each number output to a number by a Kabbalistic (or theosophical) reduction

One example and you will understand everything:

you only have to add the numbers to get one number.

So we can arrange the numbers as follows:

1 10 19 28
2 11 20 29
3 12 21 30
4 13 22 31
5 14 23 32
6 15 24 33
7 16 25 34
8 17 26 35
9 18 27 36

Principle of the numerological method:

When 2 numbers of the same line come out successively then play the whole line for 1 move.

Example :

The 14 and 23 come out so we play the 5, 14, 23 ,32 for 1 round

If we lose, we wait for another opportunity.

What does it say on your side?

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